'On the other side of a breakdown...IS A BREAKTHROUGH' - Maier short sleeve tee, calico


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God, we've all been there. Now you can get this lousy tee. 
Send a message, loud and clear, that he/she wasn't man enough for you. 
And, should you find yourself alone and afraid, fear not. That back print glows in the dark! It's a real beacon of peachy positivity. And don't we all need that right now? 
Esteemed transatlantic design duo, Craig & Karl, lent their genius to create this very limited edition style. 

These are a few of your favourite things: 
  1. That calico colour says, "Hey, Fresh Start! You're mine!" 
  2. 100% cotton 
  3. Gentle machine wash, you've got bigger fish to fry 
  4. Made in England
  5. Reverse construction feat. wonderfully vulnerable exposed seams 
  6. Front - ‘On the other side of a breakdown...’ print in fresh, bright white
  7. Back - 'is a BREAKTHROUGH' print in peach glow in the dark
  8. Cuddles