'WHAT TIME IS LOVE?' - Elwick short sleeve tee, white

BLOUSE By Geoffrey J. Finch

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Ask the universe and you will receive in this conversation starter. 
And you'll feel REAL comfortable, empowered even, broaching the big questions in this neo-classic tee. 
Kiss the future in corded lace appliquéd with embroidered text. Artwork by those transatlantic masters of design, Craig & Karl. Thank you, boys. And to the KLF. 
Your prayers have been answered. 

Let's make love tonight:
  1. White tees enhance sex appeal
  2. 100% cotton and essential
  3. You may not be easy but this garment is 
  4. Machine wash, gently please
  5. Reverse construction with exposed seams: nuanced, sophisticated 
  6. Oh, those texture plays
  7. Perfect for Tinder! 
  8. Shhh.....that's opportunity knocking