BLOUSE Issue 4 Lookbook Florals? For Spring? Page 1

Issue 4 - Florals? For spring?

It’s just a little crush… a playful sexuality frisks into your spring basics.

The liberal arch is BLOUSE. Urban nymphs revel in crisp, blanket-stitched cottons. Shirting the issue is key – gargantuan Oxfords work all day and night long. Riveting we know…popped collars and refined hardware is self-assuredly BLOUSE. Flowered up: rave on with animated florals, bucket hat and dance floor slouch.

Community spirited: BLOUSE unites with fellow East Londoner, fashion illustrator and artist John Booth on the collection’s flower show - local identity, global links and limited editions prove irresistible.

Colour, colour chameleon, Nineties revivalists and Generation Y will savour the colourmorphing return of “Hypercolor.” Let the sparks fly. Hyper-local meets hyper-global. BLOUSE’s confident collectability rises further. Simplicity (and style) to a tee. Sit, roll-over, archive, or just enjoy.

BLOUSE Issue 4 Lookbook Page 2 Florals? For Spring?

BLOUSE Issue 4 Lookbook Page 3 Florals? For Spring?